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Sejf is a mobile application for smartphones which enables shopping, payments and money transfers through your mobile phone. Sejf can be downloaded from AppStore (iOS system) or Google Play (Android system).

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Download the application into your smartphone free of charge and activate your sejf by a couple of easy steps.


Entering phone number

After having downloaded sejf, enter your phone number to which eight-digit verification code will be sent, and confirm your approval of the Conditions.


Inserting the code from SMS

Then insert the verification code from the SMS you have received.


Selecting PIN

In this step you select your four-digit identification code – PIN, which you will use to confirm all payments and other transactions.


Entering e-mail address

Finally, enter your e-mail address where you will be delivered PUK. This code will serve as a password for communication with operator – e.g. when you forget PIN or want to block/unblock your sejf.

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