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Mobile tickets purchased through sejf are accepted as transfer tickets in the area of the Capital City of Prague, in zone P exclusively. They are not accepted in PIT trains and suburban bus lines (lines no. 301 – 495 and 601 – 610). Neither are they accepted in zones 0, B and in outer zones (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7).

Passengers must get on the vehicle or enter the transport area of the underground or the Petřín funicular with already received valid mobile ticket, purchased through sejf, on their mobile communication device. During transport inspection, it is passenger’s obligation to present their mobile ticket immediately upon request of the authorised person of the carrier and to enable verification of its validity in a real way.

This information on the tariff is approximate only.

Complete version is stated at www.dpp.cz and www.ropid.cz.

The service is operated by: GLOBDATA a.s., Vinohradská 2133/138, 130 00 Praha 3. Tel.: +420 234 249 665

Provisions on handling telephone number in case of ordering the service of the mobile wallet sejf

In connection with the order of the sejf service, the telephone number of the mobile phone from which the service has been ordered (“the telephone number”) will be stored by Prague Public Transit Company, Co. Inc., with the seat in Prague 9, Sokolovská 217/42, Postal Code 190 22, ID 000 05 886 (“PPTC”). Provision of the telephone number by the service user is entirely voluntary. Nevertheless, without its provision it is not possible to make this service available to the user. The telephone number is stored by PPTC for the purpose of complaint proceedings and for the purposes arising from legally binding regulation (especially tax regulation), and only for the time necessary to achieve the mentioned purpose.

The telephone number will also be passed on the companies:

  • GLOBDATA a.s. with the seat in Praha 3, Vinohradská 2133/138, Postal Code 130 00, ID 261 70 752,
  • GLOBDATA, a.s. with the seat in Praha 1, Na příkopě 393/11, Postal Code 110 00, ID 250 98 900,
which, in the position of the processor, ensure operation of the sejf service from technical perspective. The sejf service user is entitled to require information regarding the way of storage of the telephone number from which sejf service was ordered. If the user finds out inaccuracies in the data processed by PPTC or by any of the stated processors, they are entitled to claim corrective measures. If the user finds out or assumes that PPTC or any of the above mentioned companies processes the telephone number in the way which collides with protection of the principal’s private and personal life or with generally binding regulation, they can:
  • ask PPTC or respective processor for explanation,
  • ask PPTC or respective processor to correct the situation,
  • refer to the Office for Personal Data Protection.

How can the user safely recognise that the application in the mobile phone is right?

They need to make sure that the application is downloaded and installed from verified location, i.e. AppStore (iOS system) or Google Play (Android system). The telephone number will be verified at the service registration through verification code sent by SMS.

sejf uses patented technology and its operation is conditioned by registration at CNB. It complies with the strictest criteria for financial transfers through mobile phones. The data you enter to the internet while using the system cannot be effectively misused for fraudulent operations. All access codes are generated by the security algorithm and their validity is limited in time. Entire data communication is encrypted as safely as for example internet banking.

All the data are safely stored on servers of the company. Sensitive data are not saved to the mobile phone memory (elimination of their misuse in case of losing the mobile phone).

Another security elements:

PIN – personal password of the client, used for verification of individual payment transactions
PUK - used to unblock forgotten PIN code, to reinstall application to the account, or to transfer to another mobile phone with different telephone number

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