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How to put money into sejf?

There are several ways of putting money into sejf – either using your debit card, by transfer from bank account or by cash deposit at branches of selected banks. This means you can buy a ticket despite having no coins for vending machine or even no cash at all. For detailed information on fees please see Terms and Conditions and Price List.

How to buy a ticket?

It has never been so easy to buy a ticket – just by a few clicks on your phone.

a) if you already have money in sejf

2 Start the application sejf
3 Enter “Buy“ section and select “Public Transport Tickets and Coupons“
4 Select the required ticket
5 Enter PIN and press „Pay“ button

b) if you have no money in sejf so far

6 The fastest way of transferring money to sejf is using debit card. Press “+” button on the top bar of the main menu.

Enter the amount you wish to deposit to your sejf and press “Transfer”. Sejf redirects you to secured payment gateway where you enter your debit card data. Money transfer is carried out immediately.

For detailed information please see Price List.

Then you can continue to purchase tickets.



After the payment has been carried out, the ticket with unique (HASH) code is delivered to your sejf. If you have already been shopping SMS ticket, you might have noticed this HASH code. HASH code is utilised especially at the ticket inspection but it also comes useful as identifier for printing tax document (see section “Printing tax document”).


It can be even faster!

If you want to accelerate purchase of the ticket even more, add specific type of a ticket you buy the most often to favourites and the ticket can appear in your mobile phone after three clicks.


Do you want to transfer money from sejf to your bank account?

Money from sejf can be transferred reversely to your current bank account. Just click on the icon next to the information about your sejf balance and select the “Transfer balance” option. The money will be credited to the account you entered at your first login to the client section at www.sejf.cz

Do you need advice?

Take advantage of the Help located on the bottom bar of the main menu.
In case of problems or complaints please contact customer service by email at helpdesk@sejf.cz or call +420 234 249 665.

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