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Do you need advice?

Take advantage of the Help in the application located on the bottom bar of the main menu. Further help is available also at www.sejf.cz

In case of problems or complaints please contact customer service by email at helpdesk@sejf.cz or call +420 234 249 665.

Where in the mobile phone can I find my mobile wallet?

The sejf application appears among installed applications on the desktop of your phone.

Forgotten PIN

In order to restore your PIN please refer to customer service at helpdesk@sejf.cz. To communicate with operator, use PUK which was sent to you by e-mail upon your registration to sejf. After having unblocked sejf, choose a new PIN.

Updating mobile application

If the operator launches new version of the mobile application, user will always be notified. The installation itself will then be carried out depending on the mobile phone setup (automatically or after user’s confirmation).

Loss of mobile phone

If you have lost your device, you do not need to worry that you will lose your money. Without PIN, nobody can access to the money or personal data you have saved to sejf. In the case you have really lost your phone, simply contact customer service at Helpdesk@sejf.cz. In order to communicate with operator, you need PUK that was sent to you by email upon your registration to sejf. In your new phone then install sejf again and regain access to the money you have deposited to sejf.

Mobile phone replacement

In case of mobile phone replacement repeat installation and activation of sejf. After login you can use your sejf again.

Telephone number change

If the number of your mobile device with installed application has been changed, you need to contact our operator at Helpdesk@sejf.cz, identify yourself with your PUK code and ask for change of telephone number. Then repeat installation again. In this step it is necessary to approve both overwriting of the original application and settings. After reinstallation you can continue using the system.

Operator change

If your telephone number changes its operator, there is no need, for the functionality of sejf, to make any modifications or adjustments, apart from activation of data services by your new operator.

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